Accurate Ammo works on standard caliber, bolt action, semi auto, and pump action, scoped rifles only, No wildcat calibers. The ammunition is newly manufactured, not re-loaded. The brass will be new Remington or Winchester. Every round will be loaded by Bob personally and every round will be within 1/10th of a grain. This is Accurate Ammo Guarantee, Bob will shoot each rifle, work up the best load combination and load each round personally. I will treat your rifle as if it were my own, and return it to you shooting at it's very best. Not every rifle is capable of shooting one hole groups due to factors such as barrel wear, etc. Accurate Ammo will do everything possible to make your rifle perform..........It's Very Best.

Most people tune up their car for maximum performance, but very few do the same with their rifle and ammo. And that is basically what Accurate Ammo is doing, tuning up your hunting equipment. To make it as efficient as possible.
We also work on target rifles for the best load in order for you to get that trophy your eyes are glistening for. The load could make the difference. For you to win that trophy.